Coastal Hazard Assessment and Adaptation

The Focus team have extensive (>40 years combined) experience in both the assessment and the management of coastal hazards ranging from property- and site-specific investigations through to district- and region-wide investigations and strategies. Our expertise in this area includes coastal hazard assessments and setback development, design and implementation of hazard management action and strategies, design of planning provisions and community consultation.  

The team have undertaken coastal hazard assessment and management throughout the country and are familiar with the various coastal settings within New Zealand as well as current NZ and international best practice. We can tailor projects according to the physical environment and the objectives and budget of the project. 

The Focus team have also been extensively involved in the development of national guidelines for coastal hazard assessment and management. 

Work by the team in the last 5 years includes:

  • Kapiti Coast District Council Coastal Setbacks(2011 onwards): the development of coastal hazard setbacks and associated District Plan provisions throughout Kapiti Coast District. Ongoing involvement in community consultation.  
  • Otorohanga District Coastal Management Setbacks (2009): Coastal hazard assessment and preparation of coastal setback recommendations and associated planning approaches for the management of coastal hazards, landscape, natural character and amenity throughout the Otorohanga District - including associated community consultation and involvement in resolving submissions.  These setback recommendations have been successfully incorporated in the recently adopted Otorohanga District Plan.
  • Thames Coromandel District Coastal Hazard Setbacks (2009): Coastal hazard setback recommendations for Thames Coromandel beaches, including coastal hazard study, management recommendations and community consultation.
  • Numerous (>100) site specific and property specific hazard assessments and hazard management strategies