The Focus Group is a collaborative of experienced resource management consultants with complementary skills in planning, facilitation, and the physical and natural sciences, along with GIS mapping and data management. The Focus Group acts as a business hub for the principal consultants and their associates - Meet the Team.

The group members have a common business philosophy founded on effective communication, strong environmental ethics, and high quality outcomes.  We have a wide range of skills within our team and we draw on them as is most appropriate when undertaking a project.  We aim to provide the best product we can for our clients and our team approach enables strong peer reviews - Our Services.

The Focus Group has particular expertise in coastal management and considerable experience in local and central government, and working with communities and iwi groups. The group has established relationships with other consultants to source any other expertise required to complete your project. The Focus Group has extensive experience and particular expertise in interpreting large volumes of technical information and presenting it in a concise, accurate and easily digested form.  Our Focus Group team has been involved in a wide range of projects - Past Projects.


Focus on Effective Communication

Focus on Environmental Ethics

Focus on Quality Outcomes

Focus on Service


We look forward to bringing our collective skills together to work with you on your projects.