Restoration Management

Members of the Focus group have been involved in numerous restoration projects including the following:

  • Establishment and monitoring of open space covenants on private land - Queen Elizabeth II National Trust
  • Management of the estuarine weed saltwater paspalum including the preparation of  Assessment of Environmental Effects and consent application and overseeing the control work - Tauranga City Council / Waikato Regional Council.  
  • Design and implementation of wetland restoration management plans - E.g. Orua Wetland Estate and Pacific Estate  
  • Development of animal pest management strategies  E.g. Pungapunga Station.
  • Development of threatened species enhancement plans - E.g.  Brown teal (pateke) habitat enhancement plan at Port Charles - Department of Conservation.
  • Survey, control and eradication of environmental weeds on mainland and island sites - Department of Conservation / Councils.  
  • Front and rear dune restoration including reshaping, planting and weed control. -  Waikato Regional Council