The Focus group have been involved in a wide range of environmental monitoring projects including one-off surveys and ongoing monitoring programmes.  Some examples are:

  • Estuarine Vegetation Monitoring (1998 - ongoing): We have been reguarly surveying Waikato estuaries since 1998 to provide State of the Environment information about the extent and health of estuarine vegetation within these estuaries.  Monitoring includes the mapping of broad estuarine vegetation communities - seagrass, mangroves, rushland, sea meadow, saltmarsh ribbonwood and weeds. Estuaries are re-surveyed approximately every 10 years to gain an understanding of changes taking place over time.  Technological advances have meant that survey techniques have improved over the monitoring period.  Recently a reveiw of this monitoring project has been undertaken (click here for the report).

  • Estuarine Benthic Surveys (2009):  Shellfish and benthic habitat mapping within Wharekawa Harbour for Waikato Regional Council.

  • Community Shellfish Monitoring (2007-ongoing): Oversight of Waikato sites within the Hauraki Gulf Forum Community Shellfish Monitoring Programme, including design and implementation of field sampling, data management and analysis, and technical input to programme. 

  • Waikato Coastal Database (2006-ongoing):  Project management and administration of the Waikato Coastal Database for the Waikato Regional Council and Department of Conservation, including data gathering, entry and database development.

  • Catchment Assessment (2011):  Monitoring the functional state of land to understand the health of catchment values including soil and stream water quality.  Field surveys assessed stream management and soil erosion within farmland at a catchment level.

  • Salvinia surveys (2015-2016):  The Minisry for Primary Industries (MPI) is attempting to eradicate Salvinia molesta from Te Henga wetland, Auckland's largest freshwater wetland.  We have been assisting AsureQuality in the surveilence and control of this highly invasive weed, undertaking kayak surveys to detect the presence of salvinia (a Notifiable and Unwanted Organism) following ground and aerial control programmes.  We have also undertaken aerial drone mapping together with pilot trials to aerially detect Salvinia using multispectral analysis.