NZCPS/ RPS/ District Planning

The Focus Group has a strong background in RMA planning, as well as with policy and planning under other legislation, for example:

  • Regional Policy Statements (RPS) – involved with Horizons Regional Council in the development of their coastal sections of their One Plan (RPS plus regional coastal plan) and in the subsequent Hearings (decisions released in 2010); and with the Waikato Regional Council in the review and development of the coastal provisions for the proposed RPS (proposed in 2010)
  • Kapiti Coast District Council – involved in the development of draft coastal hazard provisions and section 32 analysis for inclusion into the review of their District Plan (2011).
  • Navigation Safety Bylaw Reviews – involved in the Auckland (2009) and Waikato (current) reviews of their respective Navigation Safety Bylaws
  • NZ Coastal Policy Statement – involved in the review of the 1994 version and the development of the draft released for public consultation, and which resulted in the 2011 NZCPS.