Meet the Principal group members:  


Jim Dahm (MSc Earth Sciences)
Jim specialises in coastal management with over 25 years work experience in this area. He has worked for various consultancies, and within central and regional government. Jim specialises in coastal hazard assessment and management, coastal restoration, and estuarine sedimentation and management. He is also experienced with community facilitation and planning and serves as a Commissioner on resource consent hearings.



Robin Britton (BA; MSocSc Resources and Environmental Planning)
Robin has over 25 years experience in local and central government policy and planning specialising in coastal management. Robin has had input into the preparation and review of local and central government resource management plans as well as working on various local government and other policy documents.




Meg Graeme (MSc Marine Science)
Meg has experience in coastal and freshwater ecological survey, management and protection. With a wealth of experience in development-based biodiversity planning, Meg specialises in wetland restoration in the context of wider catchment activities. Meg’s ecological background is a valuable asset to helping develop district and regional policy.




Hamish Kendal (PGDip Parks, Recreation & Tourism (Ecology))
Hamish has 15 years of experience in ecological assessments and implementing best practice management on the ground for developments, threatened species, and ecological pests. Hamish is skilled at facilitating the protection of natural and landscape features on private land. He also has experience in providing a sound ecological basis for the development of policy direction.  Aerial drones are a new tool Hamish uses to undertake up-to-date mapping and monitoring, and to spray plant pests in hard to reach or unsafe situations.    





Bronwen Gibberd (MSc(hons) Marine Science)
Bronwen has expertise and experience in the assessment of physical coastal processes, including estuarine sedimentation, field surveys and coastal hazards. Bronwen has 15 years experience working in the public and private sector. Bronwen also has a strong background in resource management and planning, particularly for the coastal environment.

Mark Williams (B.Ed. DipTchg)

Mark is an expert in Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping and Spatial Analysis with 12 years Regional Council experience. Mark has a breadth of project management experience from field and mobile data collection, through raster and vector spatial data creation and analysis, to the creation of maps and conveying the information in reports. Mark has managed regional and district council projects, and undertaken work for private clients. Mark is particularly interested in environmental analysis (coastal and hydrological) and field and mobile data collection.  He has a good knowledge of aerial photography and lidar data and has experience with Geomedia, ArcGIS, MapInfo and Manifold software.